Examining the Greys

The physical appearance of the greys:

For this discussion “greys” refers to the small 3½ to 4 foot grey aliens that have been reported. greys have been described as basically humanoid in form; disproportionately large heads (compared to the rest of their body), long upper limbs (reaching their knees), four digits on the hands. Some reports mention suction cups on the ends of the digits, others mention slight webbing. Their eyes have been reported as being “almond” shaped and unblinking. They have narrow slits for ears, nose and mouth, no teeth have been reported in the mouth. The skin has been reported to more lizard like than mammalian.

Autopsy findings:

There are more mentions of three dead greys having been autopsied than government denials of any such procedures. If indeed, the government recovered bodies they would certainly have been examined. The reports I have seen indicate some very strange things:

  1. Fewer number of internal organs than humans,
  2. Medical doctors had trouble identifying the purpose of the organs they did find, and
  3. A lack of hemoglobin (the red stuff that caries oxygen in our bodies.)

My feelings:

Are these beings actual little people? I don’t think so. They seem to me to be more of an android built to withstand the rigors of travel over great distances. They are small, much easier to withstand the violent maneuvers reported of UFO craft. They don’t appear to use the mouth for sustenance. They have long arms to reach a larger control area without having to move. The large eyes allow them to see in a darkened environment (saves on power during the voyage.)

Why androids?

The distances and time to travel may well be outside the grasp of biologic beings. Also the rigors of interstellar radiation may be more than a biologic could endure. So if you can’t go yourself, why not build an android that can? You have the technology build them (your society may already be using them on your home world as assistants or slaves.) You probably have the means to link yourself to an android (telepathy?). As telepathy may well be a quantum phenomenon there would be no distance / delay problem with the communication. (But more on quantum effects at another time.)

In Closing:

Who made these greys? Possibly the tall greys did. (They may have finally solved the problems with interstellar travel. They would still use them for dangerous missions or where capture might be possible.) This could explain the dispassion reported by abductees. If you are not present to sense the pain the subject of your examination is enduring, it is easy to continue the exam. I don’t feel that these “little greys” are very like us after all. We don’t seem to have much in common except a vague physical resemblance (one head, four limbs and one body.) Where or when do they come from? That is definitely a question for another discussion.

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